Our Tools

For over 20 years we have worked with start-ups to SMEs, corporates through to FTSE 100 listed companies to address challenges and create opportunities.

The below outlines some example tools which can be utilised as part of a programme or individually depending on requirements.

Strategy Workshops
To identify and address specific challenges or opportunities and determine the future direction of a business or project.
Positioning for Investment
A full business appraisal resulting in a comprehensive investor report showcasing the future vision and potential impact, to attract exactly the right partners for future growth.
Sales and Marketing Empowerment
Operational review on the effectiveness of current go to market strategies, tools and resources with comprehensive recommendations for change.
Business Process Review
An in-depth review of current processes, helping businesses identify areas for improvement and implement solutions to become more agile, efficient, and streamlined.
Employee Engagement Programmes
From small programmes through to global change initiatives, we deliver targeted and stimulating ways to reach employees and sustain ongoing interaction, always measuring results.
Surveying for Results
Audience identification, survey creation and comprehensive results analysis to deliver validated insights to help inform business change and future development.
Birkman Behaviour Analysis
Our behaviour analysis delivers both higher self-awareness and an understanding of others to facilitate collaboration and create high performing leadership and project teams.
The Geography of Revenue
Full appraisal of sales revenue and market penetration by geographic region to identify hubs of activity, latent potential and new revenue opportunities.
Sales Responsiveness Testing
Medena’s ‘Anonymous Buyer’ programme undertakes an independent assessment of in house and/or competitor sales team responsiveness.

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